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Carpet Cleaning

1st Room, $29.95. Each Additional, $16.95!

The Best Floor Cleaning in Longview, TX

Kitchen floor

Whether you need to clean carpet or concrete, linoleum or laminate, East Texas Floor Care can help you. The first room is $29.95 and each additional room costs $16.95.

Why Hire a Floor Cleaner?

You might be wondering why hiring a floor cleaner is particularly necessary. You clean your floor every day, so why bring in someone to help out? Floor cleaners are specialized helpers who can ensure that your floor is thoroughly clean.

Because we have been cleaning floors for over 16 years, East Texas Floor Care knows how to care for any type of flooring. Our specialized equipment and experience allow us to deep clean your floors, which helps in keeping them nice and usable for the year to come. With us, you can know that your floors are taken care of in a professional and thorough manner.

What Type of Floors Do You Clean?

There are a lot of different floors that we clean, including linoleum, laminate, concrete and tile.


Linoleum is made of organic materials. It is usually best used in the homes of those who need non-allergenic environments. Because it is made of organic materials, it requires special chemicals and equipment to clean it thoroughly. East Texas Floor Care uses these materials to make your linoleum feel fresh and inviting.


Laminate is a protective film placed over flooring so the actual floor doesn’t scuff or scratch. This film requires cleaning in order to buff and improve its surface. Our special floor cleaning technicians know exactly how to clean laminate so it can look refreshed and rejuvenated.


Concrete flooring can get stained or colored through normal use. These stains can be hard to get out. Special equipment and chemicals are sometimes needed to return the concrete to its original color. East Texas Floor Care is prepared for any challenge your concrete floor presents.

Tile and Grout

Over time, tile can lose its sheen. Regular mopping and sweeping aren't able to return that lustrousness. In between tile, grout helps keep your floor together. Grout is porous and collects dust, bacteria and other byproducts of your day. A cleaning from East Texas Floor Care will return your tile and grout to pristine cleanliness.

Stripping and Washing Tile

Finishing on tile can build up over time. This build up causes your tile to lose its luster. It can be restored, though, through stripping and washing the original tile and reapplying a finishing coat. Instead of going through the hassle of learning how to do this and renting the equipment, East Texas Floor Care comes to you and finishes a job like this quickly and efficiently.

Where Does East Texas Floor Care Operate?

Based out of Longview, TX, our business covers cleaning in a large swath of east Texas. We service Marshall, Gladewater, Diana, Hallsville, Carthage, Lakeport, Gilmer, Henderson, White Oak and Tatum.

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Deep cleaning your floors should be completed at least once a year to improve the longevity of your floors and keep your house looking pristine. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

If you own a small office or store space, contact us for our special rates and services for concurrent cleaning of these facilities.