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1st Room, $29.95. Each Additional, $16.95!

Brick, Marble and Stone Cleaning in Longview, TX

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Brick, marble and stone can be used as flooring, siding or in other ways as decoration around your home. These materials can become dull over time, and because of their porous nature, can harbor bacteria and uncleanliness. A dedicated cleaner like East Texas Floor Care can quickly deep clean any brick, marble or stone in your home so you can have a clean home that is the envy of your neighborhood.

Why Hire a Cleaner?

Some of you might be wondering what the necessity of hiring a cleaner is when it comes to brick, marble and stone floors. There are a lot of pros that come from hiring a cleaner. The first and foremost is that cleaners know how to take care of floors. Brick, marble and stone are all unique materials that require different ways of care and treatment.

If the incorrect treatment is used on a brick, marble or stone floor, then disastrous things can happen.

By hiring a cleaner, you remove a large hassle from your daily to-do list. A cleaner knows how to clean brick, marble and stone quickly and efficiently. Cleaners also have access to the best equipment when cleaning these sensitive materials.

Why Hire East Texas Floor Care?

East Texas Floor Care gives the best possible service at the lowest possible price. By charging room-by-room, we are able to keep our price as low as $29.95 for the first room and $16.95 for each additional room.

Where Does East Texas Floor Care Operate?

Our services extend from Longview, TX, to a large swath of east Texas. We service Marshall, Gladewater, Diana, Hallsville, Carthage, Lakeport, Gilmer, Henderson, White Oak and Tatum.

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Whether you have brick, marble or stone floors, you need a cleaner to ensure they’re cleaned in the right way. Don’t hesitate. Give East Texas Floor Care a call today, and we will come to your house and give your brick, marble or stone floors the cleaning experience of a lifetime.