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Car Detailing in Longview, TX

Car detailing

Cars can get dirty fast. Through regular day-to-day use, food falls between cracks and dust accumulates. That’s why detailing your car can be the best thing to making it feel like new.

Why Get My Car Detailed?

Car detailing doesn’t need to be for the wealthy or for those with fancy cars. Any car can and should be detailed. A car detail helps keep your car in pristine condition, keeping its resale value high and giving you a more enjoyable ride.

Why Hire East Texas Floor Care?

At East Texas Floor Care, we pride ourselves in our ability to get to even the smallest cracks and spills in a car. When most people clean their cars, they vacuum the large spots in order to remove the crumbs that accumulate.

While this can keep your car looking good, it doesn’t help it look pristine. When East Texas Floor Care comes to detail your car, we find every nook and cranny that we can and make sure it is clean. We clean your dashboard and in the little crevices between your car and windshield. Our cleaners want your car to have that just-bought-off-the-lot feeling again, so we dedicate ourselves to thoroughly detailing your car.

Where Does East Texas Floor Care Operate?

East Texas Floor Care is based out of Longview, TX. We come to you when detailing your car, so you don’t have to drive it into any shop or cleaning facility. We service Marshall, Gladewater, Diana, Hallsville, Carthage, Lakeport, Gilmer, Henderson, White Oak and Tatum.

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Your car wants to be detailed, so call us to schedule a detailing appointment today. We’d love to help you drive in cleanliness.